Dream Dates

When in a rush, on the go, have a sweet tooth, or just want a snack, these little bites of perfection satisfy your hunger and taste like a candy bar!

I woke up this morning with a million things in my head to have done this morning. Of course, with those plans in my head, my stomach was telling me to do something else. I was starving!! However, if I had made more than a few minutes of time available to cook… this blog would be a lot fancier this morning and my plans would be on the backburner. So I came up with these! I had two and it totally satisfied my stomach’s temper-tantrum.

Two Medjool Dates
2 tsp of all-natural peanut butter
1 tsp of Greek yogurt
Shredded coconut

Cut a slit into both dates and remove the pits.
Add your peanut butter to each, top it with your Greek yogurt and coconut!

Done! Enjoy!


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