Dearsley Meats Ltd.

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As someone who prefers to buy local as often as possible, I also like to share my treasured findings with others, so hopefully they will also support the local businesses and farms. This is my favourite place to get my meat products. Dearsley Meats is a family owned butcher shop, opened in 1914, which sells their own products, as well as the farms and businesses around them. I have never had better meat anywhere else. Dearsley is also apart of the Hamilton Eat Local program. Their bacon is to die for. They are large pieces, fairly thick and amazing to bake. The beef is the most reasonably priced in the area, annnd last… but most definitely not least…. their hot dogs… omg…. we eat them so often. It is our weakness in this house. They are huge! Full of flavour and seriously addicting! I recommend Dearsley because of their product but also because the staff are the most welcoming and warm people I have ever encountered while grocery shopping. Always smiling and always so friendly.

Specializing in naturally raised, hormone and chemical-free beef from our farm, as well as:
– mennonite raised pork from St. Jacob’s
– grain fed chicken from St. George
– naturally aged cheese from various areas of Southern Ontario
– locally sourced honey
– Beach Road kielbasa
– fresh homemade nine grain bread & Gluten Free hi-fiber bread from Sterk’s Bakery
– meatpies (steak & potato, turkey and ground beef), sausage rolls and quiche (veggie, spinach & feta and ham & cheese) made at Weil’s Bakery in Westdale with Dearsley meat
– 98 year old famous recipe for farmer’s sausage (available in hot, honey garlic, plain, garlic and oktoberfest) – Gluten Free
– deli meats
– spices
-dog bones

1154 Powerline Road E. in Ancaster, ON. L0R 1T0
Wednesday-Friday: 9:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 8:00-3:00pm


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