How To Boiling Eggs to Perfection

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So boiling an egg, something so simple, can really turn into a pain in the ass. Either you wait until it cracks in the pot of boiling water and it’s like a yellow bullet, served on your dry toast, orrr you try and peel it and the egg white is like snot… sorry to be graphic! But really! You have been there. We all have!

So this is using a large egg!

For a runny egg, known as the infamous “Dipping Egg” boil for 5 minutes and cut off the top. Make those little toast soldiers and eat!

For a soft egg, which is not totally runny but not totally hard, boil for 7.5 minutes

Lastly, for that hard boiled egg used in egg salad, boil for 10 minutes

Done! Enjoy!


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