How To Cut an Onion… Without Crying About it!

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So I’m pretty sure we all hate cutting onions. I dread it because it’s literally like watching Fault in our Stars for the first time… every time. I weep like a child. When I’m having company… remember: Cut the onions before they come!! It can be embarrassing. So I researched some tips and I tested them the past week and found that these ones actually do the trick. While some tricks may seem ridiculous, like most of these types of home remedies for random complications tend to be, for our entertainment… we must consider them when we are in desperation… to the point of tears.

  1. Have a fan blowing… not into your face. Or have a window open. This works really well… if you have a fan or accessible window.
  2. Suck a strong mint or chew a piece of gum… a little vigorously. It works but wasn’t the best solution.
  3. Wear goggles… if you do this one, it’s mandatory for you to send me a picture. I hate to say it but pulling out the ol’ swimming goggles worked perfectly.
  4. Freeze the onion first. This works well! But just remember to do it ahead of time!
  5. Cut the onion in the sink while running it under cold water. Now don’t cut yourself please! This was a bit of a circus act but it did work. Also, no need to remember to freeze it ahead of time, buy a fan, get goggle creases on your face, or chomp that gum.

Done! Enjoy!


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