Canned Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce is really great to have in the house for so many different reasons. I use applesauce in my baking, with different pork recipes, or just on its own. Homemade applesauce, without the added sugar and preservatives, is even better!  So my grandparents have lived in the same house for 53 years, it’s the best place for everything: grandmas cooking, having fun, building amazing memories, remembering amazing memories. That house is the heart of our family. This house shares space with an incredible apple tree which provides us with Sunset apples! So this year, my grandma gave me a massive bag of apples. So with that, you have the privilege of some awesome apple recipes in the near future and I have the privilege of making them! With this in mind, my first recipe: the applesauce. The foundation of apple recipes.

5 lbs of apples
3 cups of water
( I don’t add sugar, I do afterwards, depending on the recipe)

Peel, core and roughly chop the apples.
Put all the apples in a pot, add the water, cook on medium heat, covered. Stir once in awhile and do this until the apples are mush. Using a hand-blender, blend apples.

Sterilize your jars and heat your lids in boiling water.  Add applesauce to your jars when hot and make sure to not get any on the rim of the jars. Put on your lids. Wait for them to cool to make sure they seal.

Done! Enjoy!


Dairy-Free Maple Latte

I don’t know if I’m stereotypical or just a total product of my environment but I LOVE MAPLE SYRUP. In the spring there’s the Maple Syrup Festival and in the fall there is the chilly weather which calls for maple syrup in our lattes and on our breakfast. To make it just a little healthy, I made it dairy-free; you can’t even tell the difference. Try it and I promise, you’ll enjoy it.

1/3 cup of coffee
1/2 cup of almond milk, or regular
1 tbsp of maple syrup

Put your milk a pot and heat, stop before it is boil. Use a hand blender and blend the milk until it froths.
While you do this, make your coffee.
Put your coffee in a mug, add in your maple syrup, and top with your milk. Allowing the froth to be the last thing that goes in your mug.
You can add in some cinnamon or nutmeg as well if you’d like!

Done! Enjoy!

Burrito Bowl

Chilly weather has arrived and so have the long days in the classroom! Having something in the crockpot that makes the house smell like heaven for when you get home, make those long days much more enjoyable when you get home! The best parts about these types of recipes are how easy it is to make them, the lack of mess, the leftovers, and the deliciousness! You could use this add burrito filling if you wanted, I skipped the tortilla bread, added some cheese and green onions and had it like a bowl of chili!

15 oz can of black beans
15 oz can of diced tomatoes
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 1/2 cups of chicken broth
1/3 onion chopped
2 minced garlic cloves
1 cup of corn
2 tsp of chili powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, oregano
Green onion
Shredded Jalapeño Cheddar Cheese
Cooked Rice (depending on the amount of people)

Get out the crockpot!
Add in the beans, tomatoes, chicken breasts, chicken broth, onion, garlic, and spices
Cook on low for 5 hours
Add in the corn and cook on high while you cook your rice.
In bowls, add the crockpot mix and rice to each and mix together.
Serve with cheese and fresh green onions on top.

Done! Enjoy!

Harvest Chicken Bake

The time is here!! I feel like it is now official. Autumn food; warm, hardy meals. As my favourite time of year, the ideas just flow when it comes to food, recipes, ideas, and dinner parties; it all just comes together this time of year! People, I find, have more time to get together and we cannot forget… fall fair season!! Festival food. Greasy, unhealthy, amazing fall fair food. Haha. Ok. So. Count on some great recipes and ideas to come with this little positive rant in mind!

Now lets talk about a fabulous one-pot meal ladies and gents!

Butternut squash chopped
1/3 onion chopped
2 carrots chopped
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 cloves of garlic minced
3 large potatoes
1/4 cup of chicken broth
2 tsp of butter
Chicken Rub:
Paprika, garlic powder, salt

Preheat the oven to 375F
Rub the chicken with the spice mix
In a baking dish, lay the vegetables, garlic, butter, chicken, pour the broth over the top and bake for 35 minutes or until the veg is soft and chicken breasts are cooked through.
Serve and pour juices over everything.

Done! Enjoy!

Double Baked Potatoes

Sometimes I feel like all you can do with a potato is roast, bake, or mash it. So I do this over and over again. So this time, I decided to do things a little differently this time! This recipe actually didn’t take too long, which surprised me, because of all the steps involved! It can take longer if you do bake the potatoes first, if you have a microwave, it can be a lot faster for those weekdays where dinner needs to be now. This recipe can be used for leftovers, it can also be used for freezing and re-heating for those ahead-of-time meals. I served this potato recipe with steak and corn… a fabulous BBQ dinner… but… this recipe literally goes with anything. Versatility my friends!

This makes two potatoes. Just double the recipe for a family of 4

2 yellow potatoes
1/3 cup of milk
1 tbsp. of butter
Salt and pepper
1 green onion
Grated parmesan

Microwave or bake your potatoes until they are soft.
Spoon out the inside of the potatoes and put the insides in a bowl. The rest of the potato should look like little bowls.
Add your milk, butter, salt, and pepper to make mash potatoes
Preheat the oven to 375F
Put the mash back into the potato bowls. Put green onions on top and the parmesan cheese.
Bake the potatoes for 25 minutes or until the tops start to turn a nice golden brown.

Done! Enjoy!

Chicken Cheese and Broccoli Pasta Casserole

This is a make ahead and leftover recipe for during those hectic weeks! So delicious for company, for the kids, or a fabulous comfort meal! Broccoli is in season! Enjoy it!

100g of sharp cheddar
1 cup of milk
2 tbsp. of butter
2 minced garlic cloves
salt and pepper
1/4 cup of flour
Head of broccoli chopped
1/2 chopped yellow onion
2 chicken breasts chopped and cooked (boiled)
Penne noodles cooked


Preheat the oven to 375F

Put the butter and garlic in a saucepan and melt/heat the garlic. Add the flour and mix. Add the milk and mix. Cook to a simmer. Add in the cheese and cook.

Put the broccoli, onion, and cooked chicken in a baking dish. Pour the sauce over it all and bake for 15 minutes

While this is happening, cook your noodles.

Mix and Serve!

Done! Enjoy!

How to Make Life Easy with Snacks For and After School!

School starts next week already and that means back to routine, hustle and bustle, and finding easy ways to feed your kids during lunch and snack times!

I have come up with some easy snack ideas for school and after school!

Check out the “How To” section of my website to find 14 recipes and ideas!